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Let the high-tech into the light control system

Time: 2017-07-23 22:11:30

In twenty-first Century, it is the era of high tech development, high tech is bound to give the TV technology, especially China's TV culture has brought revolutionary change. Which includes the technical level, the cultural level, the artistic level and even the aesthetic level, will have a profound revolutionary change. LCD technology, digital technology, network technology and other interventions to make our television program production concept has also been a new change.

As the main part of the TV screen lighting relations are undergoing significant changes. The choreography is no longer a fixed space, fixed color fixed picture effect, revolving stage, lifting flying, turn the background board, mobile film such as variability choreography design has been widely appears in the large and literary evening party light from the original "behind the scenes" came to the stage. Computer lamp, a light beam lamp model of the effect of light and stylish arrangement changes has been directly involved in the composition of the screen, a lamp body and formed by the smoke of the beam and the colorful halo have become cameras to capture the contents of the screen. It is because of this increasingly significant visual impact, so that the role of the atmosphere in a party to create a light in a party has become more and more important.

First:Generation of lighting network

"Innovation" is the soul of the development of science and technology, especially for the development of the art, using light and color change of the formation of visual language, to raise the audience's heart echo, so as to achieve the communication with the feelings of the audience, can put their carefully crafted the lighting language transmits for the audience, this is the program director, stage design, lighting design is very concerned about the matter. Film and television stage lighting is a comprehensive application of the art, lighting language needs to be ready with the plot, the scene changes and changes. Recording and broadcast of the variety show, the output of the signal is continuous and smooth, as the command center of the lighting system, the reliability of the lighting control system has a direct impact on the performance and quality of the whole evening party. Lighting control system is safe and reliable? This problem has been plagued by body at the scene of the film and stage lighting division, to ensure foolproof lighting control, in addition to the selection of technology is mature, stable and reliable performance of the dimming products outside, scientific and reasonable backup control system design is crucial.

In recent ten years, at home and abroad the professional lighting manufacturers in order to solve this problem, has designed and implemented the number of backup mode, of which the most popular model is the two identical function dimming Taiwan put in the same control room as the main, by console work at the same time, the signal output big first, when the failure of the console, through the sub control station control. As the main and backup console is not connected to each other, it is usually in the dress rehearsal before the lamp control procedures are incorporated into the main and backup platform, so that the waste of resources, and can not reach the best tracking backup effect.

The wave of digital, network and intelligence of the TV industry has promoted the rapid development of professional lighting technology. In the early 1990s, siquande lighting company developers with superhuman courage, exploration and practice of digital dreams, they to international leading technology to build is a successful example of lighting control, and ultimately the designer's idea into a mature product, developed the Shownet configuration software and the server software, texture fame as "Shownet" network system. The technology of Ethernet technology and the traditional lighting control technology, and the lighting control technology for the integration and expansion, is a new generation of high-speed network and intelligent digital dimming equipment, is currently the most ideal stage lighting control system, which can transmit DMX512 signal, but also can transmit Ethernet signal, and integrated the advantages of both. Ethernet (Ethernet) has a high data transmission rate (1GT bit / sec), lower error rate, high quality of data transmission, resource sharing, providing powerful communication means, remote information access, easy to build, maintain and expand the technical features. DMX as a means of communication between the control unit and the control unit, the effect of the light, the effect of the light, and the color filter and other digital lighting control equipment. To break the traditional lighting control system backup, using advanced networked digital dimming technology, the console and backup and Taiwan by distributor network and network nodes, and silicon light cabinet are connected into a digital lighting control network. The application of the ShowNet network digital dimming system, in the technology to protect the light control DMX signal output reliability and continuity, with a very wide range of application value and broad application prospect.

Second:lighting network design goals

Lighting network design objectives include the following:

1) the interoperability of information: network equipment is in line with international standards of network transmission protocol - TCP/IP protocol, lighting, control protocol - DMX512 1990, a thorough solution to the problem of network data interoperability.

2) the interoperability of information: Design of network equipment were to the company's production control network, network node and international famous company production, in line with the international standard of network equipment, completely solve the interoperability issues of network data, realize the sharing of information. Light procedures such as a studio rehearsal can be stored in another studio console and run directly file storage can realize the light show control.

3) the reliability of the information: the design of the equipment is reliable, the technology is mature, the Strand series products have the wrong error correction function, so that the transmission data is more secure and reliable, and the system is safe and stable. ShowNet is a set of advanced technology, complete network system, with a system of management system and effective measures to prevent a variety of network conflicts. The utility and the stability of the network are effectively enhanced.

4) to improve the quality of network operation: the use of new technology, the use of reasonable, effective and reliable transmission media and network operating equipment, terminal equipment, to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of data transmission.

5) to improve the utilization of network resources: through the full understanding of the performance needs of the signal point, reasonable layout, so that the maximum utilization of network signal.

6) control system comprehensive: network system, carrying almost all the lights including conventional stage lights, computer lights, change color, effects and field lights, work lights, stage or the studio lighting control system.

7) system control diversity: through the network system, realize the Grand Theatre of the theater lighting of the direct control, remote control, monitoring, control and multi point control.

8) system scalability: ShowNET can be easily upgraded at any time, compatible with the future of the ACN protocol.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1. the network between the various consoles to learn from each other, and each other for the backup. Backup to network architecture with console connected, and learn the console by tracking the whole backup mode, namely two dimming Taiwan parallel processing, any button is another one immediately to learn. When the main and backup control Taichung any failure, another one will be automatically transferred to the output to follow. This approach can make full use of limited resources, but also can ensure the performance or meeting the light control no danger of anything going wrong;

2.network technology in line with the development of digital technology and requirements, to facilitate the implementation of remote control and technical support for the lighting design of the desktop computer networking provides a convenient way to achieve;

3.through the network communication signal interface and dimmer cabinet reporter PC software, lighting operation personnel can in light control room through a PC or console display, to keep abreast of the lighting system instant information and working state, and in a timely manner to the lighting loop monitoring the implementation of intervention and correction;

4.through the network nodes can set the PC (personal computer), designer position (designer position), remote control, demonstration controller (show) controller, so as to realize the equinox control, multipoint control, portable remote control or no control, bring convenience of change to rehearsals, production;

5.the network system is stable, the programming is reasonable, the hardware structure is not changed, it can also use the software to upgrade the system. As the "ShowNet" system uses TCP/IP as the network protocol, it is now used by most software vendors, such as Microsoft windows O/S, so the "ShowNet" system can be used to reduce the cost and increase the compatibility of the system, which is a good foundation for the management of the theater or TV station.

Third:lighting network system hardware

"ShowNet" network system selects the most widely used TCP/IP as its communication protocol.

ShowNet system consists of the following parts:

1 2 network node 3 PC 4 network distributor 5 network of light

The center of the whole system is the operating interface. Can use strand 500 light table series or strand 300 adjustable light table series with the Pentium processor computer desk dimming, model definition can be as the main control table, backup and remote station, also can set function to create the second, or even third or the four control inputs to the system as main control roles of a branch. In the remote control mode, each console has its own independent input commands and displays, and the control loop of the data to "Partitioned" (segmentation) and to record. This function allows one to control the control loop on the main CUE field, while other light divisions can be used to segment and perform the same CUE field. With a single display and a single loop list, each of the control loops of the console can be a part of the whole system, so as to meet the needs of the stage.

The role for the entire network for the first time, there may be 18000 light and 32 DMX-512 to control the whole system. Backup to network architecture and the console connections, and learn the console by tracking the whole backup (full tracking backup mode. Two sets of parallel processing, in either one of the keys on the other, the other immediately to learn. Do not need to be like the traditional backup mode before the host on the programming and then there is a floppy disk, and then put the floppy disk into the backup table. When the performance of the middle of the crash will be required to re operation in the backup taichung. Remote control station based on the console, in the large-scale performances often can be handled by the division of labor, such as the host for the traditional lamp control, the control unit for color control, etc..

Network points can be divided into: SN100 network node, SN102 network node, SN103 network node, SN104 network node and SN110 network node, etc.. Sn100 network node and SN102 network nodes in addition to provide DMX input / output can provide other signals such as Caixian, MIDI, aux, reporter, portable remote control and floppy drive and so on. A fine line of 5 can accommodate so many signals, which is unable to achieve the traditional DMX line. SN103 network node, SN104 network node and SN110 network node in function only DMX output / input, in which SN103 network node for AC power supply, SN104 network node and SN110 network node for DC24-48V power supply.

In power output, power grid antifouling, siquande company's newly developed SLD96 intelligent large dimming cabinet success itself is a complete network, its greatest feature is the automatic power of harmonic analysis to adjust the optimal trigger angle position, ensure the input voltage range of 90-240V, the output voltage error is less than 1V in the performance, solve the voltage instability caused by uneven light and light flicker phenomenon; control the reaction time up to 16 milliseconds; allow three-phase cross connected with three-phase input and correction; DMX has the priority allocation function, can realize DMX fully connected with the accuracy of 16 bit level 4000; trigger; standard resistance Chongzhi up to 100000AIC full load; status report; magnetic anti-interference ability is the strongest international similar products (up to 635uS/230V).

Siquande SLD96 digital intelligent dimming silicon cabinet with double electron device tracking backup function, maintain dimmer cabinet of uninterrupted work; preset audience lighting Pimiya (Premiere) series, the push rod can be controlled light in tune with any SLD96 cabinet combined without the need for any additional electronic processor, make the audience lighting and stage lighting on stage and in the same container control can be a reality; silicon cabinet with a full report of load function and all modules (including through module) load condition report, and a status display provide instantaneous information, any silicon counter error messages can be directly displayed on each silicon cabinet and any a siquande 500 or 300 series console. Lighting operators can directly through the console monitor in the light control room, at any time to understand the work of the lighting system, so that the implementation of the lighting system monitoring, intervention and error correction, than the general can only be in the extension of computer PC monitoring, more intuitive, accurate and fast.

The SLD silicon cabinet processor uses a patented waveform analysis system, with a speed of 16 bits (bit) 75000 times per second, in order to smooth dimming under maximum current conditions. SLD series silicon single cabinet 50A, single 100A, dual 15A and dual 20A output voltage, 50/60Hz; use 90-277V, three-phase cross matching, any wave can make the three-phase input correction, zero center line can provide disconnected function for insulation test; fan from close to the high speed (stepless) completely the use of silicon controlled by the cabinet, so that in the case of the operation to minimize noise, the superior features of the special places like opera, music hall and studio hall is very important; the silicon cabinet has over temperature warning and automatic power-off safety control technology; resistance value of 100000AIC surge rated facilities management; large software easy to use SLD silicon cabinet, through a ShowNET network remote monitoring, establishment and management of ParkNet silicon cabinet. As many as 18000 DMX addresses can be controlled by means of optical fiber network, which can be set up for various control systems, and can be set up to edit, replay, and system wide control (SWC). The wide control system can be set up as follows:

A. digital input A/B pairing;

B. analog input;

C. design of the silicon cabinet return address code (ID);

D. cabinet status report (effective / not effective);

E. record "SWC" Presupposition and presupposition fade time;

F. starting "SWC";

G. set "SWC" back up to default (for DMX input failure);

H. set silicon output level (%);

I. sets the maximum output voltage of silicon (240V - 24V every 1 VAC);

J. sets the minimum level of silicon (99% - 0);

K. set silicon curve;

L. set silicon reaction time;

M. set control logic.

SLD96 Strand cabinet is a powerful function, the first realization of the lighting industry for decades, the dream of the ideal management mode: both to prevent pollution from the power grid, and to avoid the interference of its own operating voltage on the field of other electronic devices, to achieve high precision dimming, large-scale management of the state.

Fourth, lighting network system software

After several years in the market in the actual application, customer feedback, siquande lighting company development produced can be used in the lighting network digital dimming system software, currently in the dimming Taiwan widely use software "genius Pro" and "tracker", "Communique", "networker", "the reporter", "server", "show net configuration" and so on. Different software in the entire network function.

"Pro Genius" for the entire system or stand-alone operating system (O/S), all other functions are also around it and exist. This software can handle 6000 optical path (Channel), 8192 (Dimmer), 2000 (Cue), 1000 (Group), 2000 (Macros), 600X99 effect, 30 effect performance, 3000 time code (SMPTE) and other functions. In addition to the application of the adjustable light, it can be installed into the PC machine to use as an offline editor or PC backup.

Tracker for computer light control, in broad sense, is to control all of the receiving DMX signal and starting equipment. Because of the use of the new property concept to operate, making the operation more intuitive.

Communique for the adjustment of the signal to the outside world of the interface, such as analog input trigger, Midi, SMPTE and macro trigger, etc..

Networker as the name of a single machine to the network communication between the bridge, at present, the speed of the 100M bit / sec stable operation.

"Server" is the focus of programming for all of the console, that is, each console can be achieved by "Server" and to achieve the purpose of resource sharing.

Network of workstations for the PC platform installed Shownet configuration software, the software responsible for whole system DMX address code assignment work and its powerful function can put any loop in a (Universal) 512 loop, with any other segment of the loop with another new segment, this is other vendors DMX distribution means overreached. The latest version of "ShowNet" "Net Pro Show" is to upgrade the original processing power from 16 to 32, that is DMX 32X512=16384 address code, which is hidden in our call "Netslot" network with the connection, each way can be free collocation or defined as the output / input, to any one of the SN network node in any interface. After setup is complete, we can switch to PC reporting reporting software, from get all the information in all SLD96 silicon counter, so as to make the light division of cabinet and power aware. Each network signal transmission cabinet contains: strand sn100 network node (DMX and video etc. signal sending and receiving terminal, strand field lamp / lamp control station, strand keyboard design, strand PDA wireless electronic hand account, network receiver and antenna, strand portable remote controller, PC EEG, hubs, network distributor, UPS uninterrupted power supply, strand network communication software.

The "Configuration ShowNet" software can be used to control the windows, and set up the input / output, status and monitoring of all SN network nodes. This unique monitoring and control can be carried out at the same time, to bring the world's leading technology means to monitor the light.

Fifth: lighting network system wiring

The hardware structure of the "ShowNet" system can be determined according to the size of the system and the distance between the nodes in the selection of wire rod.

Number of plug type wire type effective distance

1 BNC 50ohm 10Base2 coaxial cable 185M

2 RJ45 10BaseT 5 100M

3 ST SMA or 62.5/125 1KM 10BaseFL

From the above list can be seen, in addition to the third optical fibers, the effective distance of the farthest 10Base2. By reason, it should be the best choice, but in the whole system configuration, it is necessary to pay attention to the "terminal" and the distribution of the line.

Typical 10Base2 design, the end of the line must be coupled with the 50ohm terminal head as the entire network segment of the load. The length of the network segment is the most far can be 185 meters, but the entire network segment must be straight, in the 185 meters of cable laying, if there is any gap, the original two will be paralyzed. Plus the use of interface and wire is more expensive, so if there is a need or need to connect two points system, generally do not recommend the use of.

The 10BaseT is connected with a star like outward scattering, and the central part is connected with the network allocation (HUBS). Interface for the RJ45 of a similar number of telephone numbers, 5 type (100M bit / sec) wire for twisted pair. This method has the advantages of simple, easy to understand, high material economy and insurance coefficient. If one section of the circuit breaker, other nodes connected to the network can continue to work. As a large stage, large and medium sized studio use this connection.

As for the 10BaseFL (optical fiber) is used for large-scale network system. General design for each sub - system of the connection. Such as large-scale outdoor performances, large-scale theme park, the connection can be used on different topics of this connection method.

Sixth:the value of the lighting network

The application of "ShowNet" digital network dimming system, effectively expanding the space of information sharing in the field of lighting, and ensuring the reliability and continuity of the DMX signal output in the technology, which will lay a solid foundation for the implementation of CAN protocol in the future. This unprecedented technology is fully connected with the lighting control system, which is applied to all the world's leading theatre and technology. Such as the Disney parks in the USA, the Buddha Luo Lida Universal Studios, CNN, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games will be opening ceremony, Singapore National Theatre, the Russian national opera, South Korea national television, China Central Television and Taiwan (1000 m2 studio, 800 M2 studio, 600 M2 speech broadcast Hall), the great Hall of the people. Advanced technology, mature, stable structure and reliable, full-featured coordination, control flexible and convenient siquande Shownet network lighting control system, creating a lighting control system in the new century.

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