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Large-scale performance

DAGE Shined up 2019 META Electronic Music Festival

Time: 2019-07-27 16:26:55

June 21, 2019.

Shenyang International Exhibition Center

The eye-catching META Electronic Music Festival finally opened.

Young hormones overflowing the audience

Sleepless night starts again

On June 21st, this is the first international-level electronic syllable festival in Northeast China. It is the most outstanding dance design team and event executive team in China. It invites the most outstanding generation of DJs and music producers in China and the world to "Chinese style." The theme of the national flag of the flag 2025" has attracted tens of thousands of Raver attention.

On June 21st, Raver gathered around Shenyang in the world, immersed in the electronic music of passion, releasing the most primitive ones, burning the most bloody, and witnessing the META brand in the history of world electronic music. 

International standards create a super-sounding syllable in history, META electronic Festival is much more worthy than it’s name1

The META International Electronic Sound Festival is dedicated to promoting the Chinese electronic true notes and setting off the concept of internationalized Chinese style. It is committed to shaping the META International Electronic Music Festival into an excellent Chinese original electronic syllable brand. The opening of the Shenyang Station, whether from the guest lineup or from the dance design, has reached the international first-class level, allowing the international to see the vigorous development and original strength of Chinese electronic music.

Don Diablo (Big Pineapple), Tujamo, Wolfpack, Mariana Bo and other top 100 DJs gathered in Shenyang, Reggae/DUB music representative DJ Jiang Liang, all-round producer Taiyi and other excellent domestic electronic speakers will also appear in the electronic syllables. Promote the exchange and communication of electronic music between East and West, ignite passion and collide. I believe they will leave an unforgettable feast for the audience.

In addition to the powerful guest lineup, the beauty design of the META Longyin Festival is particularly dazzling. For the first time in China, the theme of the future person is the theme, and it is also the highest stage of the electronic syllable in the history of the world - the god of META, 46 meters high equivalent to 15 The height of the floor, 80 meters near the width of a football field, using the latest technology of sound and light, the dreamy visual lighting effects will be smashed with the DJ's electronic sounds throughout the Shenyang night.

The META Electronic Syllable Festival was setup with 306 pcs * 2019 AK-3822 Super beam 382W from the DAGE Stage Lighting. The high-quality lamps and three-day Judy outstanding missions, perfect interpretation of the audience.

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