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Large-scale performance

DAGE Lighting in ‘Meet Luquan’, a large-scale landscape show

Time: 2018-06-15 11:39:53

On the evening of June 9, the second Shijiazhuang Tourism Industry Development Conference was officially opened in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang City. As the highlight of the opening ceremony of the conference, the large-scale landscape performance “Meet Luquan” was shocked and debuted on the evening.

A picture of an aura shot in a deer, a myth, and a painting of the spirit; a picture of a heroic painting with a back-to-back battle and a lifeless appearance; a painting of a dry road, a wharf of the East and West Halls; a picture of the spirit of the Yuan Qu fragrance and the wild autumn song; A picture of a sea of flowers with a hundred miles and pioneering and innovative atmosphere, five pictures constitute a brilliant performance of “Meeting ? Luquan”.

The second session of the Shijiazhuang Tourism Development Co., Ltd., the opening ceremony of the actual performance of "Meet ? Luquan", the performance through the lighting, dance, water screen projection, real scenery interpretation and other methods of Luquan historical events, contemporary Luquan achieved brilliant achievements The presentation of art. The performance is divided into a 50 percent fold and a wedge, and a total of six performance units according to the dramatic structure of the Zhong Yuan Zaju opera in the Yuan Qu. These are the prologue section, the “Legend of the Deer, the Demon Springs,” the “Tumen Guan Bei shui War,” and the “Dry Wharf Open Market”. "Wen Shijian Qing Wei Hewu" and "The true hero still sees the present."

According to general director Fu Zhitao, 90% of the participants are non-professional actors from colleges and universities such as Hebei Normal University, and they are very challenging both in terms of performance experience and difficulty in rehearsal. All stages of the show are built on the surface of the water, and all the underwater mud cannot be piled. Only floating platforms can be built. Therefore, the actor was dizzy due to an unstable center of gravity during the rehearsal. As the official performance approached, the rehearsal became more and more close. In the high temperatures of the day, many actors had symptoms of nosebleeds and fainting. However, we were still lightly injured, insisted on rehearsal and hoped to deliver a wonderful performance, to the audience.

This large-scale live-water performance was the first time in Hebei Province. The preparations took half a year and more than 1,000 people performed. The scale is unprecedented.

The performance uses the “five-fold-wedge” narrative structure of the Yuan Dynasty as a skeleton to replace the commonly used chapter structure. Each discount is drawn from Luquan's most iconic cultural symbols. The 3D light show opened and a white deer, who had landed on a large water curtain, came to the scene and unveiled the curtain.

In terms of visual design, "Meet ? Luquan" utilizes modern technology to fully utilize and develop the entire landscape, and strives to show Luquan's spirit and versatility. As the initial and final visual pursuit, the use of water is a major highlight. The water curtain projection, using a direct-flow fountain, is 20 meters high and spans 60 meters, which is rare in China and unique in Hebei. The water curtain on site will create a dreamlike feeling for the audience.

For the design of stage design, this show adopts the design method of “landscape and landscape construction”. Each scene of the performance is completed by eight performances and 180-degree scheduling. Giant paintings, Tuguanmen customs, residential areas, and shops form a multi-dimensional and multi-space performance environment, bringing the audience to the forefront. The show also used eight high altitude Wiya, span of 268 meters, each carrying 300 kilograms, the performance of the country's real scene.

The Shijiazhuang Tourism Development Conference held a large-scale landscape show at the opening ceremony of the Shijiazhuang Tourism Development Conference. It adopted two high-quality and trendy products:  300 pcs Giant 380w spot light and 260 pcs Optimus Prime 380w beam light from DAGE STAGE Lighting.

After more than a month of continuous debugging and rehearsal, we have overcome various difficulties in technology and finally shined light on the sky over the lake in the Evergreen Mountain Waterpark in the west. The beam light and excellent stability of the DAGE lighting are in harmony with fireworks, music, and Wonderful performances perfectly blend the rules of sound and light. The scene is astounding and brilliance, and a large-scale live performance that is dazzling and dazzling.

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